Copley Square, a Must See in Boston

Copley Square is a treasure trove, if you are a fan of architecture like me.  Named for John Singleton Copley, a prominent Boston painter, it definitely should be on your list.  Here he is standing on the Square.

"USA-Boston-Copley Square" by Ingfbruno

“USA-Boston-Copley Square” by Ingfbruno

A prominent feature of Copley Square is the Trinity Church designed by Henry Hobson Richardson, known for his “Richardsonian Romanesque” style.  Make sure you go inside and pay the small donation to see this jewel box.  It features many stained glass windows of disparate styles that all seem to work together.  The church interior is considered to be in the Arts and Crafts style, so I think it is appropriate that the movement’s founder William Morris, has four works of stained glass art that are featured here.

"USA Massachusetts Boston Trinity Nativity-window" by Rebecca Kennison

“USA Massachusetts Boston Trinity Nativity-window” by Rebecca Kennison

Walk toward the altar, turn around and look up.  You will see John La Farge’s masterwork “Christ Preaching.”  La Farge pioneered the technique of using opalescent glass to create layers of color and 3D effects.  This picture does not do it justice so you will have to go and see it in person.  It is magnificent!

"Christ Preaching" John La Farge

“Christ Preaching” John La Farge

Check out these cute kneelers.  These were created by the parishioners and I think they are adorable!



Across the square lies The Public Library designed by Charles Fullen McKim in a Italian Renaissance Revival Style.  The Library feature large scale murals by another prominent Boston painter John Singer Sargent.


Other sites of note on the Square is the John Hancock Tower rising high above the city and is it’s tallest building.  It sits in perfect juxtaposition reflecting it’s neighbor across the street, The Trinity Church.  The Old South Church is another architectural jewel in Copley Square’s crown.

Not far from Copley Square, jump on a Duck Tour.  It may sound like a silly thing to do, but it’s a great way to get an orientation of Boston and the views from the Charles River can’t be beat.  Quack Quack!



Next up is the Liberty Hotel.  It is an adaptive reuse of an old jail that is now uber hip and THE place to see and be seen.  Till then…

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